High School

I can’t believe I’m done with it.

5 days ago, I graduated high school! #yeah


My wrinkled collar bugs me.

I can still clearly remember my first day in high school. It was seriously nerve-wracking. Upon reaching that stage, I’ve realized everything in grade school was child’s play. High school was the real thing, I thought.


And it really was. And it was also the best years of my life.


When I was in high school, I felt like it would go on forever. But now that I look back, I feel like everything just literally passed by.


Anyway, my graduation was the best.

In our last weeks in school, my best friend Joncel and I had some misunderstandings. We never talked about it, but we knew there was something. And in that day, he came to say goodbye and sorry. It was really warm, and I felt really bad for ignoring this person. I’m glad we patched things up that night. And here we are again.


And to everyone else, I’m glad I went through this with you haha!

09 11 07 03

A big thanks to my shutterbug friend Pamela Vasquez for some of the photos!

Realizations: From now on, I’ll start referring to high school in past tense. Also, high school was child’s play. What comes next is the real thing. But perhaps I’ll say this again after 5 years.

“You may not know it, but you are created to do great things.” ─ Ms. Donna Jaen-Caacbay

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I have been doing a lot lately. Surely you must know that because I think the almost-three-month gap explains it all.

Field Trip

02 03

Photos: Aubrey Jasme

Feasibility Study Oral Defense

05 06 04


Photos: Christian Dela Cruz, Mica Ella Joson

Family Day

07 08 09


Photos: Aubrey Jasme, Christine Labuca

Research Paper Oral Defense

With one of the most hardworking people I know




Photo: Meccah Escarcha

JS Prom

11 12 13 14 15 16

Photos: Christian Dela Cruz

Will surely miss everything about high school. See you after I graduate! :)

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Happy New Year, everyone!! How was your New Year celebration? Half of mine involved calming our Dachshund, Spencer, down, and the other eating a.k.a. having fun. I hope you had fun, too.

As my first post this year, let me recap some events this previous year. The most clichè thing to do, but anyway…



An unexpected family trip to Hawaii a month after our last visit. Awesome place!


First ever Junior-Senior prom! Really had a blast that night.

Moments with friends before our Junior year ended


Year-end Recognition 2013

Summer outing with classmates, friends, and the seniors!


My cousin’s wedding


First ever overnight retreat at Tagaytay



Hawaiian date with Mother hahaha!


Friends, family, and the holidays


All in all, 2013 was a spectacular year. Surely, we experienced a lot of positive and negative things which are all worth remembering and bringing to a more amazing year ahead. Happy New Year, and make every year the best so far!

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Catching Fire

Last week, we were finally able to squeeze in watching Catching Fire to our heavy load of work/chores.

I’m not a fan and I’ve not read the books, but the plot really catches my interest. I remember watching The Hunger Games last year with friends out-of-curiosity and because I was hearing so much about it. And realizing it was a pretty good movie.


If you’ve liked its prequel, then I’m sure you’d like this movie as well. It was everything more than what the first movie was. The plot grew to a better story which was interesting. The story is intricate without being confusing.


Surely, all the actors were able to portray whatever emotion there is in the movie. Personally, I was sympathizing with what the characters in the movie was actually feeling, and that’s when you know you’re watching a good movie.


Also, some changes in the story’s conditions made it more unpredictable. The twists, the Quarter Quell for example, were really good additions to the movie.


And like its prequel, Catching Fire was another great, thrilling and action packed movie. In lack of better terms, it was great!


I know it will be quite a different movie review if I had read the books. This was purely based in the movie which, I say, is a must-watch this year.


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I’ll be back.

…because apparently,

A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.

─ Franz Kafka

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Honolulu, Hawaii with Mom last November 7-10.

Music: Back in the U.S.S.R. by The Beatles

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Went Far

We just got back from an overnight retreat. It was spiritually overwhelming, but I don’t have enough thoughts to blog about it; except, perhaps, for this song that we talked about on our first night:

And sorry for this hiatus.

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